We are 6 participants: Bulgaria, Lithuania, Portugal, Croatia, Hungary, Spain. We are primary and secondary schools but we all have middle school students (at the age of 11-16). Considering the subject of the project, it focuses on a basic social goal-connections and social equality between people. Therefore, the project includes many social events such as joint sports games, mountain trekking, exploration of historical sites, common celebrations of local holidays and festivals, common folk dances etc. We will have 5 themes: EU awareness, Mentally Happy: Art and Music therapy, Sports/Activeness outdoor, Environmentally friendly, Food heritage. We can divide the exigency of this project into two parts. First- Educational reasons: We have observed that by the influence of the mass and social media and usage of the new IT tools in 21st century students have lost their concentration and motivation on the lessons. They don’t know how to study and how to learn efficiently. We always need to update educational methods. With this project we plan to prepare lesson plans combining different disciplines and apply these learning paths in classrooms on both national and international levels. Second- Cultural Reasons: We have chosen Fine arts, Music and Sport as the core center of the project ,because they enable to address all learnering types such as visual, audio and kinesthetic. And also Music, Fine arts and Sport give us a unique and productive source to address and unify all students and nations under one roof. Creating a better educational environment for students, preventing students from engaging in or being the victims of violence, decreasing the levels of early drop outs, decreasing inequality among our students. Through activities of the project, especially trekkings/ hikings proposed, students can develop a deep understanding of history and answer questions about the present by engaging with the past. They have the potential to spark curiosity and to be engaged in the dilemmas, choices and beliefs of people in the past. The project activities will empower our students, enabling them to generate positive impact at individual, community, national and European levels.