Republic of Croatia is european country. It borders with Slovenia, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Hungary. Capital city is Zagreb. Croatia is lucky to have exit to Adriatic Sea which is one of the clearest and prettiest seas in the world. Croatia has over 4 million residents. It is divisioned into 21 tribal states.

One of states is Karlovac County with Karlovac as capital city. Karlovac County is in the centar of Croatia. Some of the bigger cities in that state are: Karlovac, Ogulin, Ozalj, Duga Resa, Slunj.

Ogulin is a beautiful small town in Karlovac Conty full of history and natural atractions that tourists adore. It is known for Klek mountain, fresh air, a lot of green land and pure nature, amazing homemade food, helpfull and kind people and a lot of legends about city history.

Ogulin has few schools, one of the high schools is Gimnazija i strukovna škola Bernardina Frankopana. That high school is 100 years old, has 5 directions and about 300 students. Gimnazija is known for a lot of projects with other schools in Croatia and outside of Croatia.