Our institution is a Secondary Technical School. We have a great, creative, practiced staff 46
teachers and 530 students (66% boys and 34% girls). In our staff, there are 30 high school teachers
and 16 teachers of engineering. Our students are age between 14-20. Our institution operates 7
teams of teachers for the different specific areas according to the subjects. We have human, foreign
languages, science, form teachers, architecture, environment protection-water management and PE
(sport and spare time activities) community. Of course, communities closely collaborate with each
other in devising the school plans helping the school management work. We have 4 different types of
secondary technical school classes: 1 class for structural engineering, 1 class for civil engineering, 1
class for environment protection, 1 class for water management. They have special practical
subjects, practical courses, laboratory practice and obligatory off-site practice in Summer. Our
school is situated in a disadvantaged area eastern part of Hungary in the town center of Nyíregyháza
and it also has a vocational training center in the suburb area. The buildings are in average condition. We
have about 200 disadvantaged students but most of them are really determined and ambitious and
after the secondary school-leaving exam they can stay for higher-level vocational training and they can
get a technician certificate so they become useful members of society. For us it’s important to
develop socialization through the organization of moments of aggregation and through group
work, therefore Sports Activities have fundamental importance and also promote social cohesion,
democracy, and personal development. Students learn how to design and create new things. This will
help them to access to university and become architectures. Thanks to the practical subjects the
students gain insight into a number of professional branches. Our students take part in laboratory
practice where they can do a lot of interesting chemical experiments and testing. After secondary
school-leaving exam students have the opportunity to stay for one more year and get a technician
certificate. The school works with ÉVISZ DSE-student sports association, which provides sports
opportunities for the students, soccer, track and field, basketball and volleyball training. The gym for
those who want to play sports is also available. The contact person in project is Judit Fabók is an
English teacher and she has developed good methods for projects based learning and
communication and intercultural competences, a specialist in European projects like Erasmus + or
e Twinning. Péter Bányai -teacher of German and English very able in human relationships with
students. Greksza István ITC specialist with good abilities in new technologies tools.Mariann Oláh –
English and IT with knowledge about student emotions and able to establish good relationships with
disadvantaged students.