• Spain.San Nikolas Ikastola. San Nikolas Ikastola is a partially government-subsided school located in the heart of Getxo which is
    within walking distance for most of the students who attend it. The staff is comprised by 1136
    students and 90 teachers and it provides elementary, primary and compulsory secondary education
    locally even though its scope also covers nearby towns in the area. Most students come from middle
    class families and some of them commute to school from nearly neibourhoods.We live in the Basque
    Country and at our school, students are taught in Basque language having Spanish and English
    subjects as secondary languages. We also have a long tradition regarding traditional sports such as
    “Jai Alai” or “tug of war” and we would like to share our cultural heritage with our partner schools and
    learn from their own local sports. Regarding the key people in charge of running the project, the
    Physical Education teacher Pablo Dominguez Usabiaga and the English teacher Ainara Billelabeitia
    Alvarez will be the people in charge of making the project work successfully and in case these
    peolple leave their post in the future, the headteacher Isabel Mendibil Perez and the English teacher
    Arantza Arana will take over their roles. In relation to expertise in Erasmus + projects, Pablo
    Dominguez Usabiaga and Ainara Billelabeitia are currently involved in an Erasmus+ project on Fair
    Trade (European Students Joining Forces on Fair Trade). Strong and weak points are being
    analysed with the objective of learning from them so that they become a starting point of the
    upcoming projects.