• Escola B1 PE do Covão Escola B1 PE do Covão, is an educational institution with a theoretical profile having a number of 122
    students, from 3 to 12 years old, 22 teachers work there. The students coming from the rural areas
    as well as the urban areas. The majority of the students come from families with modest economic
    conditions, but with a good potential which our school is trying to develop. The thing that attracts the
    students to our school is the competitive environment which may offer satisfaction, the orientation of
    the teachers towards the students’ needs, the adaptation of the school educational offer to the
    community requirements. The school activity targets permanently the modernization of the didactic
    and educative approach materialized in the appropriate providing of the educational space and the
    intellectual effervescence of the whole didactic team who proves at any time , receptivity to the
    educational needs of the community, orientation towards the student, transparency, communication,
    professionalism, legality, objectivity, efficiency and effectiveness, creativity and innovation,
    continuous professional development. Our school applies the equity of opportunities in the
    educational process. There are no cases of discrimination among our students or administrative
    didactic personnel referring to sex equity, religion, race or nationality. Our greatest motivation is to
    work together with European partners. It is a new experience that will share experiences and learn
    from our partners’ new ways of working in school. Our students enjoy the arts and this will be a
    project with very important experiences in their future life. We have great artistic wealth but
    sometimes little explored. They have team spirit and they are eager to cooperate with European
    partners towards common goals. Moreover, they cooperate with the parents’ association and the
    local authorities and they disseminate the products of their work in the blog of the school and the
    local press. We hope that through this partnership our teaching and educational actions will be put in
    a European, broader framework. We have a team: coordinated by Raquel Lombardi -teacher for
    special needs education. Márcia Pita – Headmaster. Excellent organizational abilities and skills for
    team management. Developed skills for team work. Experience and skills in teaching, organizing and
    preparing educational activities, problem solving skills, team work. Márcia AnjoTeacher for primary
    school education -experience and skills in communication, developed skills for managing conflicts.
    The other teachers will be involved in the project. A great number of teachers in our school is
    interested in getting involved in the project. We haven’t experience in European projects but we really
    want to work together. We all want to get in touch with our colleagues in Europe, get to know them,
    their work, learn from their experience, exchange our teaching experiences, get familiar with the various European educational systems.