Theme 1 Citizenship – Curtural awareness, digital citizenship


,,This is Europe ” digital project ebook

The booklet “This is Europe

Guide for trekking poster

ebook ,,Guide for trekking -hiking

Digital project activities gallery

Theme 2. Mentally Happy: Art and Music therapy activities

,,Keys to a happier life” digital book

Students created film ,,Composers LT”

Art activities Erasmus+ 2021

Digital audio book ,,The most famous musicians and composers

A booklet with healthy time management techniques, healthy food choices and daily positive messages

Erasmus + project booklet ,, Social cohesion – give a hand to become a friend”.

Theme 3. Sport/Activeness outdoor activities

Digital book ,,Warm up

About outdoor activities please opean

We organized  community event ,,Erasmus+  Family Day” (covid conditions)

Exercise program for body and well-being

Healty body, healty mind!

Digital book “The benefits of sport for humans

Exercise for body and well-being

Theme 4. Environmentally friendly

Digital book

Invetions that save the Earth -Digital book

e book ,,Healthy time management techniques, healthy food choices and daily positive messages”

Theme 5 . Food heritage 

Healthy eating activities

Digital book Healthy eating tips

,,How healthy is your diet?” digital book

Healthy recipe digital book (project partners common product)


Joint project partners film about our project and languages

First Aid activities

First aid digital book

First aid e book in Basque

First aid e book in Croatian

First aid in Lithuanian

First aid e book in Portuquese

First aid in Hungarian

Multidisciplinary lessons plans (Hungary,Croatia, Bulgaria, Spain,Lithuania, Portugal)

Lesson plans are posted on the website,,Švietimo naujienos” of the Ministry of Education. There is an article on the Ministry’s website with a description and a link to where lesson plans can be found.Multidiciplinary lessons plans are available to the EU education community .

Bullying prevention program and activities

The book was created by students,, Without bullying”

Be safe on the Internet , 10 safety rules and project activities you can find

Safer internet week ( covid conditions)

Democratic Inclusion

European values education

Digal gallery’s ,, I and Europe


IT tolls used in the project

Please read news about the final event of the Erasmus+ project on the website of Marijampolė municipality .The international festival dedicated to Children’s Day was organized together with 9 schools of the Marijampole region and project partners